Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Boomer Tuesday

The Chinook Winds Casino gives Boomer cards to old folks (baby boomers) and they give each boomer $2 off the cost of lunch at the Siletz Bay buffet every Tuesday, if they have a boomer card -- and they all have one. It was really crowded today. The casino buses people in from all over the area and obviously $2 is a lot of money to some of these boomers -- they were here in droves today.

I had clam chowder, fish, shrimp and fried chicken. Kathi had clam chowder, pork loin and vegetables. She eats my vegetables for me. Desert was cheese cake for me and lemon meringue pie for Kathi.

It was overcast all day until the sun came out about four o'clock this afternoon. It was too cool all day to open the windows before the sun came out (59 degrees). I could watch the waves out my front window. Now that my windows are open, I not only see the waves, but hear them sitting at my computer or in my La-Z-Boy. If you love the water you know how I feel.

 We went to the Grocery Outlet across the street to pick up a few more supplies. I only wanted cookies, but Kathi insisted we also buy some real food.

The highlight of the day for Kathi was receiving a phone call from her favorite niece, Shanna. They talked for a good half hour and all is right with the world.

Near sunset over the pacific.

A sign at the corner of the casino. The casino is in the background.

Beautiful waves on the Pacific with the casino on the left.

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