Monday, June 23, 2014

Picnic at Monument Valley

Our picnic at Monument Valley is one of the highlights of our RV travels. Kathi made sandwiches and we drove the 100 miles from Bluff, UT to Monument Valley in April 2009. It was a leisurely drive for us and we both enjoyed the drive over and the park itself. The Monument Valley National Park is on a Navajo Indian reservation.

You have a choice to drive your own vehicle through the park or park your car and for a small contribution, go on a guided tour which includes some areas private vehicles are not allowed to enter. We opted to ride in our own car. Beside the pictures included, we saw the cabins John Wayne and John Ford used to stay in when the made so many of their western movies.

There is a hotel in the park and an RV park nearby. If we ever go again we will probably try to make a reservation at the RV park on the reservation.

These are called Left Mitten and Right Mitten. I went out of my way to find a location where I could get both in the same photo. I call my picture Close Mittens.

The mound is a Navajo Hogan. It is probably for show. It is located near the air strip and there are no other living abodes nearby.

This view is called North Window.

We ate our picnic lunch in our car. This is the view through our windshield. Other visitors were parked at the rail to purchase beads and trinkets from Navajo vendors selling items from the back of a pickup truck.

I have no idea why this round tree growing out of rock fascinates me, but it does.

This rock is call The Thumb.

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