Sunday, June 29, 2014

Raymond RV & Marine

In July 2009 Kathi and I were moving north from Oregon into Washington. We got as far as the Tulalip Casino in Marysville, WA. It was hot. We were used to the sixty degree weather on the Oregon coast and the eighty to eighty five degree temperatures were too much for us. It must have been a shock to the Washingtonians also. The local Walmart was sold out of fans and air conditioners. Walmart was selling fans out of the back of the trucks that delivered them. We blamed the excess heat on Al Gore.

We moved back south thinking it would be cooler. We spent the end of July and Most of August at the Raymond RV Park & Marine in Raymond, Washington. It was hot there too, but at least we had air conditioning. After we paid a months rent we were sorry we did not move back to the Oregon coast.

The island is left center.

Neighbors across the river.
 The RV park is on the property of Pedigree Catamarans, one of eleven boat builders located in Raymond.
The RV park is on the Willipa River near a narrowing of the river caused by a peninsula jutting into the river near a small island. It gave the appearance of two merging rivers, but that was an optical illusion.

The blue building is the boat shop. The boat you see is awaiting repair.

During the month we were there, we saw geese flying north. It was too hot for them too. There were boats of all sizes on the river each day. Ducks were everywhere. Really great views out the front window of our motorhome.

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  1. That was several years ago. I bet you have been real hesitant to leave the Oregon coast during subsequent years. I miss the San Francisco weather. I believe it stays even cooler in the part of Oregon where you and Kathi (Mom to me) spend most of iyour summers. The photos over the water came out really vibrant. You do manage to get some great views out that huge front window.