Saturday, June 7, 2014


Another cool sunny day in Lincoln City. The pictures below are taken at a pullover south of Lincoln City. The pullover allows drivers to look at the Pacific Ocean and read a commemorative plaque about tsunami of 1700 -- a little glimpse of Oregon history.

Some Oregon history. The great tsunami of 1700

Look at the beach behind the rocks and see the
people on the beach. Any time the sun is out,
people will be on the beach, no matter what
the thermometer says.

Panning to the right from the three rocks above you can see the back side of Mo's. Then we drove around to get a front view. Mo's is one of the highest rated restaurants in the area. It is hard to get a seat near lunch time any day of the week. Saturday is always too crowded for Kathi and I. I'll do a story about Mo's another day.

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