Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sunny Afternoon

It was a beautiful sun-shiny afternoon yesterday in Lincoln City, so Kathi and I took a drive along the coastal areas of the city. Most of the area along the beach is filled with private homes or small inns, We took a few pictures between houses, but got our best pictures at the NW 26th St. Beach Access and the D River Park.

The signs claim the D River is the shortest river in the world. You can see the inlet from the park and have to go across Highway 101 to see the end of the river. It appears total length is about 300 yards.

D River Inlet

One of the highlights of the afternoon was spotting a whale when we were at the D River Park. We tracked the whale for about four hundred yards before we lost track of it. What we actually saw was water spraying from his spout and on a couple of occasions a tail flipping from the water. Really exciting for us, since we have been looking for whales in this area for several years and this is the first one we have actually seen.

About 200 yards offshore to the left side of this picture is where we spotted the whale.

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  1. How can these people stand to be in the cold water?