Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Visit to Graceland

Elvis has always been a person that fascinated me. I remember his Concert From Hawaii that seemed to be such a big event at the time. The way Elvis was packaged always made for a fabulous show. He started making movies because his agent, Colonel Parker wasn't sure rock and roll would survive Elvis' tour in the Army.

I remember and relate to his early music more than I do the later songs he did for the movies. Some of the earliest recording were my favorites. I like "Blue Moon of Kentucky," "I Was the One," "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" and "Blue Moon" were some of them. My favorite Elvis movie was King Creole. I remember how disappointed I was when he died in Love Me Tender.
Kathi and I made a special trip to Memphis to see Graceland in March 2004. We stayed at the Elvis Presley RV Park and did the normal Elvis tours. I have heard that things are much different at Graceland today, since the Presley family sold management of the company. Personally, I thought all the furniture in the house was gaudy and gauche, but Elvis lived a much different lifestyle than I do.


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