Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hidden Lake

Kathi tried to start our generator to finish making lunch and it would not start. We decided to hit the road tomorrow and start out to Charlie's Service in sunset, Utah.

We stopped in Tyler, Texas for a few days in August 2012 on the way to Louisiana to get work done on our air conditioner. We found an RV park called Hidden Lake RV way out of town. The roads into the park were rough, but the lake was beautiful. It almost made it worthwhile to be in Texas in August, but not quite.

The camp hosts were nice people and park facilities suited our needs.

This is the picture I used for the cover of my short story, RV Park Avenger.
The book is free on Thursday, July 31st at

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kruse Farms

One of our favorite stops when we are staying in Sutherlin, Oregon is Kruse Farms. We like to go there to get fruits and vegetables. They have fields nearby where you can pick your own strawberries, but we usually buy from the market.

In addition to the normal fruits and vegetables they also have a bakery where they make cakes pies and assorted chocolate covered fruits. The chocolate room is always my favorite.

Protected area for plants started from seed and other fragile plants.

Farmer made from barbed wire.

Fucia is one of the many beautiful flowers around the facility.

We were there one beautiful sunny afternoon in June 2011 when the had a German band playing polka music. The were five or six couple that danced through the afternoon.

Band and band followers.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Oregon Coast

The seafood buffet was great again last night at the Chinook Winds Casino. I had crab on my hands and face and even my shirt. My hands were too messy to remove the crab from my shirt and my napkins were all used up. My sister found more napkins to rescue my shirt. I ate enough crabs to last me for awhile.

Today was a beautiful day. Cold wind, probably 10 mph, 68 degrees temperature and bright sunshine. A lot of RVs and a lot of people in the casino parking lot -- they were having WFC cage fights today. Obviously a lot of fans, I could hear cheering from 1/4 mile away.

Kathi tried her luck at the casino and did not have any, so she returned home early. She wanted me to take her for a ride.

Apartments near the water's edge.

We went coast hopping south from Lincoln City, through Depoe Bay and into Newport. We stopped at most of the turnouts and drove through shoreline drives on the way. A few people on the beach at every location. We saw people flying kites, parasails and waders, but no swimmers. No sign of whales anywhere.

Parasail being flown like a kite.

Beautiful picture from Kathi's Motorola phone.

This group was kiting the parasail.

The red parasailer is in the water. The yellow one is used as a kite.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lincoln City Birds

Sorry, I took a couple of days off to complete and publish my latest short story, Redemption. It is available at

Beautiful Friday in Lincoln city -- sunshine, a little breeze and temp about sixty degrees. We are going to the Friday seafood buffet again tonight. I mostly enjoy the banter while we all crack and eat crab legs. It's a social event to fill your tummy.

I am going to show a few pictures of birds around the casino. I guess they are mostly seabirds with a few pigeons and old crows thrown in. I take a lot of bird pictures, but almost never get the pictures I want to take. Every time I try to get close enough for a good picture, they fly. A photo lens is too cumbersome for my lifestyle.

Through the windshield picture of Albatrosses raiding the trash.

A flock of seagulls?

A Laysan Albatross perched on a car.
 The pigeons come in a variety of colors with browns, oranges and red shading on a gray or white body. I can never get them to pose.
I watched a kid put his McDonald's bag in the trash. These two crows took the bag out of the trash and ate leftovers.

This albatross was guarding the sidewalk at the Corner Cafe. He moved into the street when I walked by, then got back on the sidewalk after I passed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Monument Valley Area Pictures

It is rainy and overcast in Lincoln City today. Kathi is at the casino and I am home writing.

Today I am going to share more of our pictures from the monument valley area. Some of the more spectacular views are on the way to the park and not in the park itself. Some of my favorite photos are ones with nothing spectacular in them, although the visions themselves are spectacular. I love the colors.

An interesting thing about the colors of the mountains are how much more vivid the color are when they are wet. The colors appear more drab with less red as the rocks dry out. The best time to see the color contrasts is after it rains and the sun comes back out.

All these pictures were taken with my Kodak camera from our car window. Most of the current pictures we take with our cell phones.

A picture I took but am not displaying is of a rock called Mexican Hat on the way to the park. It was hazy in the morning and the pictures I took were dull. I'm sure you can see Mexican Hat on the internet. It is very popular.

I love the sights down the long empty highways. Most of you probably saw a similar view in the Forest Gump movie.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

Kathi and I visited Lone Pine in eastern California in November 2003. I probably wanted to go there because I remember Humphrey Bogart climb Mt.Whitney in the movie High Sierra.

One of the things that draws me into the area is the close proximity of the highest and lowest points in the continental U.S.,  Mt. Whitney and Death Valley, respectively.

A highlight I did not know about when I went into the area was the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the Inyo National Forest. The trees are only seen at high elevations. The ones we saw in the White Mountains were between 9,800 and 11,000 feet elevation. Some of these trees are 5, 000 years old.

Arlon in red shorts.

This picture does not do justice to the scenery.
 Bristlecone pine have extensive shallow root systems and coarse pulp, making them impervious to most insects.

The combination of cold temperatures, dry soil and high winds keep most any other vegetation from growing in the forest. The trees are badly gnarled from the abuse they have taken from nature over so many years.

We drove our Chevy Cavalier up the mountain and it took us about two and one half hours to get up the mountain because of the really bad roads. We were tired after a long day, so we came back down much quicker. We passed university agricultural study buildings and forest service building, but no people were on the mountain, except us.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Road's End

Another beautiful day in Lincoln City. The wind was fifteen mph off the water, the temperature was sixty six degrees and the sun shined all day. Kathi and I spent a few hours this afternoon in the casino and held our own for awhile. The trick is to get tired before the money runs out. We did not quite make it.

We had a little energy left when we left the casino so we drove to Road's End Park which is at the end of Logan Road. One of the casino entrance roads comes off Logan road, so we were only five minutes from the casino.

There were about 20 people on the beach.
The color of the water is interesting, It was 4:30 in the afternoon and the sun was half way down to the horizon. If you take pictures in the direction of the sun, the water looks gray -- take pictures away from the sun and the water looks blue.
Picture of hill across Logan Road taken from Land's End Park.

Para surfer rolling up his parachute. It appears to be about 18' long.

Two para surfers on the water.

We were cold standing up by the roadway, so you know the kids in the water had to be cold. None of them seemed to mind. I used to be like that sixty or so years ago.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Corner Cafe

Beautiful day in Lincoln City today. Bright sunshine and sixty one degrees with a cool ocean breeze. We ran some errands this morning to empty our tanks and refill with fresh water, then went to Les Schwab for four new Toyo tires for our Jeep.

Our highlight of the day so far has been lunch at the Corner Cafe, located at 1845 NW 101 at the corner of NW 19th St. The cafe is a bright yellow building in downtown Lincoln City next to Coldwell Banker. It is a small cafe with only six tables inside. They serve fish, steaks, burgers chowder and soups and other items.

Cafe sign on 19th St. side.

Service was excellent and food was delicious. They serve breakfast and lunch all day. My brother-in-law and I had breakfast consisting of eggs over easy and crisp bacon. He opted for pancakes with his breakfast and I had hash browns and a biscuit with gravy. My sister and Kathi both had BLT's one with french fries and the other with cole slaw.

In addition to printed menus, they have daily specials on the white board.

The bacon was so thick, I took a couple of slices home to eat later, It was similar to eating jerky and made a great snack. We had a very enjoyable experience and a good time at lunch.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Timber Valley RV

It has been overcast in Lincoln city the last two days with no sunshine at all. Even had a little rain this morning.

Today I will introduce you to Timber Valley RV Park in Sutherlin, Oregon. Sutherlin is about sixty miles south of Eugene and twenty miles north of Roseburg on I-5 in the western part of the state. This is an Escapees park that has room for about one hundred fifty RVers. Most of the residents own the lot they live in and when they travel they put their space up for rent for park visitors.

Arlon in Sutherlin by the Alfa motorhome
 We have stayed at Timber Valley many times, because it is a good jumping off place to get to the coast. There is a route to the west about fifty miles from Coos Bay, a town I discussed in an earlier post.

Matchstick plants. We have only seen them on the west coast.

Bird feeding outside my window
 One of our favorite things about Sutherlin is the animals that live in the park. There are a lot of deer and jackrabbits, some turkeys and many other different kinds of birds.

Overview of the park from a hillside next door

One of the many deer in the park. I seen as many as fifty in one day.

A rabbit posing in the middle of the road.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

J's Fish & Chips

Highway 101 view of J's

 Beautiful day in Lincoln City today. Sunshine, cool breeze and mid-sixties temperature. My topic today is J's Fish & Chips. J's is located at 1800 SE US 101 at the intersection of SE 19th St. They have seven inside tables and two outside tables.

You order at the counter and bus your own table after you eat. The people working at J's are very friendly and helpful to assure you get what you want to eat.
Outside picnic tables at J's.
Their menu is on the blackboard behind the counter. They serve cod, halibut, shrimp and clams. I prefer the cod and curly fries and Kathi usually eats the cod with regular fries or fish tacos. It seems that all meals come with cole slaw. My cod is always delicious. I only tried the halibut once and it tastes fishy to me. Some people like that, but not me.

Order at the counter. Menu is on the blackboard.

One of seven inside tables.The saloon like doors go into the kitchen.
Soft drinks are served and water in the blue igloo above is self serve. Below is a picture of our meal for today. The thin guy in the blue shirt is me.

Fish basket with cod and Fish Taco basket


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Washington, DC

Kathi and I are still boondocking in Lincoln City, Oregon. I am home writing and Kathi is playing two cent video poker at the casino. Not much exciting activity here, but there are a lot of people in town and much traffic on US 101.

I pulled some pictures from our trip to Washington, DC from May 2006. We left Heiskell, Tennessee on April 21st and returned to Heiskell on May 15th. Everything is a blur in my mind during the whole month we were in the Virginia, DC, Pennsylvania, and Ohio area. Too much travel and not enough relaxing. I never had enough time to get my bearings before it was time to move again. We have streets in a grid pattern in Texas and I did not see many cities like that in the north east.

We stayed in Front Royal, Virginia for four days before moving to Gettysburg. Front Royal is an historic town of about 15,000 people. From Front Royal we took I-66 into DC, about seventy miles away. I stayed lost the whole time I was in the area. I-66 was easy, but getting on and off the highway on each end was a real struggle for me.

Construction near Jefferson Memorial
A drive around Washington assured me there were no parking spaces anywhere near the tourist attractions we wanted to visit. We found a tour company and parked our car and rode the tour buses. They make a regular route for visitors with drop offs near all the memorials and monuments. It seemed to me to be very hot for May. The long walks from the bus stops to the memorials had Kathi and I worn out, so we had an abbreviated stay in the city.

Arlon at Viet Nam Memorial wall. A lot of lost lives.
  You can see great pictures of all the monuments on the internet, but my picture usually have me in them -- a welcome site for my friends and family.

Me and Abe

I wasn't tall enough to be a Korean War Memorial statue.

The Washington Monument and reflection pool. This monument was getting an overhaul when we were there. Some of the siding had to be reattached.