Thursday, July 3, 2014

Figaro Pizza

Kathi and I are still boondocking in the parking lot of the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln city, Oregon. We have been here a month now and still enjoying the cool ocean breeze and sixty degree temperatures. Our casino ventures have run hot and cold, but we manage to have fun. Kathi likes to play 2 cent video poker. She is with my sister this afternoon enjoying casino fun, while I am home trying to finish my next short story.

My newest short story, Road To Montana,  is available for free on Friday, July 4th at This is the second story in the Averal Saunders series.

We had Figaro Pizza for lunch today. We usually have a pizza about one day per week while we are staying here. The pizza shop is in the strip mall where the Safeway store resides. We always get the extra large Mama's Special with thin crust. It makes a good meal for both of us and a snack for me later. It is a combination pizza with lots of bell pepper, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and black olives. Personally, I could do without the mushrooms, but Kathi likes them.

Figaro makes pizza that they bake or that you can take home and bake yourself. Bread sticks are available. They also serve pizza by the slice which a lot of people working nearby take advantage of at lunchtime. A small selection of ice cream bars are available.

The proprietor is very friendly and has family living in Texas, which gives a a common interest to discuss. A most enjoyable experience for Kathi and I.

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