Sunday, July 6, 2014

Friday Seafood Buffet

We have been in Lincoln City, Oregon for a little over a month now boondocking in the Chinook winds Casino parking lot. On Friday night My sister and brother-in-law joined Kathi and I at the Friday Seafood Buffet at the Chinook Winds. We got stuffed. I ate clam chowder, seafood stew, fried shrimp boiled shrimp, cocktail shrimp and a plate full of crab legs.

I like to crack all the crab legs and get the meat out of the legs and body before I eat any of it. I put all of the meat into a soup bowl full of melted butter. I ate the clam chowder and shrimp, while I cracked crab. Two pecan tars for desert were overkill, but I believe in eating what you put on your plate.

I excused myself early to wash my hands. I had butter, tartar sauce, soup and shrimp boil on my hands and fingers. The handles of my eating utensils were coated with residue from my hands. I ran out of napkins before I finished the shrimp.

They had other items available at the buffet, but I did not get past the crab legs. I do remember seeing some carrots and mashed potatoes and I heard the salmon was good.

It was a great meal with great friends.

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