Friday, July 25, 2014

Lincoln City Birds

Sorry, I took a couple of days off to complete and publish my latest short story, Redemption. It is available at

Beautiful Friday in Lincoln city -- sunshine, a little breeze and temp about sixty degrees. We are going to the Friday seafood buffet again tonight. I mostly enjoy the banter while we all crack and eat crab legs. It's a social event to fill your tummy.

I am going to show a few pictures of birds around the casino. I guess they are mostly seabirds with a few pigeons and old crows thrown in. I take a lot of bird pictures, but almost never get the pictures I want to take. Every time I try to get close enough for a good picture, they fly. A photo lens is too cumbersome for my lifestyle.

Through the windshield picture of Albatrosses raiding the trash.

A flock of seagulls?

A Laysan Albatross perched on a car.
 The pigeons come in a variety of colors with browns, oranges and red shading on a gray or white body. I can never get them to pose.
I watched a kid put his McDonald's bag in the trash. These two crows took the bag out of the trash and ate leftovers.

This albatross was guarding the sidewalk at the Corner Cafe. He moved into the street when I walked by, then got back on the sidewalk after I passed.

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