Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Washington, DC

Kathi and I are still boondocking in Lincoln City, Oregon. I am home writing and Kathi is playing two cent video poker at the casino. Not much exciting activity here, but there are a lot of people in town and much traffic on US 101.

I pulled some pictures from our trip to Washington, DC from May 2006. We left Heiskell, Tennessee on April 21st and returned to Heiskell on May 15th. Everything is a blur in my mind during the whole month we were in the Virginia, DC, Pennsylvania, and Ohio area. Too much travel and not enough relaxing. I never had enough time to get my bearings before it was time to move again. We have streets in a grid pattern in Texas and I did not see many cities like that in the north east.

We stayed in Front Royal, Virginia for four days before moving to Gettysburg. Front Royal is an historic town of about 15,000 people. From Front Royal we took I-66 into DC, about seventy miles away. I stayed lost the whole time I was in the area. I-66 was easy, but getting on and off the highway on each end was a real struggle for me.

Construction near Jefferson Memorial
A drive around Washington assured me there were no parking spaces anywhere near the tourist attractions we wanted to visit. We found a tour company and parked our car and rode the tour buses. They make a regular route for visitors with drop offs near all the memorials and monuments. It seemed to me to be very hot for May. The long walks from the bus stops to the memorials had Kathi and I worn out, so we had an abbreviated stay in the city.

Arlon at Viet Nam Memorial wall. A lot of lost lives.
  You can see great pictures of all the monuments on the internet, but my picture usually have me in them -- a welcome site for my friends and family.

Me and Abe

I wasn't tall enough to be a Korean War Memorial statue.

The Washington Monument and reflection pool. This monument was getting an overhaul when we were there. Some of the siding had to be reattached.

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