Saturday, August 30, 2014


Kathi and I visited Arches National Park in October 2009. It was a beautiful sun-shiny afternoon without a cloud in the sky. Note the blue sky in some of the photos below.

Arches is on the Colorado River about six miles north of Moab, UT. The park covers about 120 square miles and has over 2,000 arches. I like the arches, but I am more awed by the brilliant red colors of most of the rock structures throughout the park. The arches are normally a lighter tan color and appear to be sandstone. The arches are often delicate and occasionally one will collapse. I remember a couple of years ago some visitors thought an arch was unsafe and forced it to crash. The proper procedure is to report safety issues to park rangers and they will get engineers to determine safety of the arches.

Vandalism is always a problem in public spaces and many people scratch their names in the rock formations. This is discouraged by park rangers and unappreciated by other visitors.

I love the  rusty coloring. Note the rock on the rightmost edge being separated by erosion.

There are some really magnificent stone structures in the park.

This arch will last forever -- solid rock above. Note the strata coloration.

Most of the structures have names, but I saw no signs in the park.

Another arch that will last forever in earth years.

We did not see a lot of caves, but it makes sense that there would be some.

I saw people standing in this arch later in the day. I estimate the top of the loop to be twenty four feet high.

Kathi and usually do driving tours, since neither of us do well walking up hill in the rocks. For more adventurous people, there are walking trails and guided tours available as well as evening programs.


  1. I have been to the Arches several times & just loved it there. We will be in Utah sometime in October & may just have ourselves another look at all the marvelous beauty.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Al. Even the entrance to the park is spectacular. I hope to go again someday.