Friday, August 29, 2014

Canyonlands II

Canyonlands covers over 330 thousand acres, so Kathi and I did not see most of it. We stayed up high and near the roads. We were looking for a place to take our motorhome to boondock and we found a great spot on a high plateau where you could see 20 miles into the park. We talked ourselves out of taking our motorhome there because the drive up and across the plateau was so rough. The RVs we saw in the park were mostly 20 foot trailers pulled by pick up trucks.

We stopped at many pullouts along the route and walked to see the scenic vistas. We were worn out after four hours. This park would take days to explore and still you would not see most of it. The park is divided by the Green and Colorado Rivers into four areas: "Island in the sky", "The Needles", "The Maze" and the rivers themselves. My pictures today are intended to show the vastness of the park. My camera does not display a lot of clarity in the distance, but I think you will get the idea.

This guy kept blocking our view.

I used to see these scenes in sci-fi movies.

This is looking down and out at the green river. See the water near the center,

Another picture looking down and out.

The colors are mesmerizing.

Looking down into a sinkhole.

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