Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Charlie's Service Center

Kathi and I are still at Charlie's where we came to get our generator serviced and have a shade re-installed. Those items were done easily, but since we have been here we had air conditioner problems and a water leak at a tubing connector to our ice maker.

Charlie's has five mechanics working on cars and two working on motorhomes. The lot is usually full when we are here. Justin Dubose and his wife Mandy run the business and keep the vehicles moving in and out.

Justin's dad started the business as a muffler shop which he soon outgrew and then moved into a bigger building. Charlie was a good friend. Last Saturday marked  four years since his death.

This is our Alfa and Jeep at Charlie's in April 2011. It snowed all night and began thawing out when the sun rose.

This Chevy belongs to a retired firefighter that used to work part time at Charlie's. You can see the front door to the office at the top left.

Kathi's friend Barbara had a Chevy like this when they were in high school. I love the mountains across the street, across I-15 and passed Hill Air Force Base.

This beauty came in Sunday for repairs. It looks like a project. It has bunk beds in the back and a bed toward the front, a sink and a stove. It was so messy, I did not explore very long.

This is our Alfa today. I think there are twelve other RVs in the lot awaiting service.

There are many vintage cars in the area. Justin used to race cars where he met a lot of people that are really into cars. His race car is still in his garage at his home awaiting a flash of enthusiasm and a few repairs.

I love this view from our front window a few years ago.

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