Friday, August 22, 2014

Moab, Utah

Kathi and I got to Moab on Tuesday and will not leave until Saturday morning, if our mail shows up. It takes three days to get mail to Moab from east Texas. It has been overcast every day, so we have not been able to get out and see any of the beautiful red rocks in the area. I do have some Moab pictures in my archive I will share.

Most people do not travel to see shrubbery, but I like anything unique.

I love the corkscrew cut bushes.

You have to appreciate the contrasting colors you see in Moab.

Hacienda near the OK RV Park on Spanish Trail Road.

Another hacienda on Spanish Trail Road.

This gate entrance is to a hacienda at the base of the mountains east of Moab.


  1. What brilliant quality photos! Sorry about the weather keeping you two indoors. Better luck tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, AJ. I appreciate you following my blog. Comments are always helpful.