Sunday, August 10, 2014

Powder Mountain

Kathi and I are still in Sunset, Utah. It's hot here today, so I thought thinking about snow might help. I hope it it helps you think cool also.

There are several ski areas in Utah and we visited one of them in April 2010. We always visit ski resorts in the off season, because it is so crowded when skiing is going on. We love the snow on the mountains for the spectacular vistas we get to see, but don't like the aggravation of crowds. Powder Mountain ski resort is about 30 miles from Sunset. Believe it or not it is east of Eden, Utah. This is not the place Steinbeck was thinking about when he wrote his novel.

Many recreational events are held on Powder Mountain. This year one of the peaks was added to the annual seven day bicycle race, which is held in August. Powder Mountain often hosts Special Olympics Winter Games. A couple of years ago they added snowcat tours to their list of amenities.

Adventure Center

Information Center

Pineview Reservoir located at the bottom of the mountain is ten minutes from the ski resort. Many boats are in the reservoir on warm summer days.

Ski Lift

Ski lift access building

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