Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunset to Moab

We left Sunset, Utah yesterday morning in the rain heading for Moab. It was steady rain and moderate traffic south on I-15 through Salt Lake City, American Fork, Orem, Provo and into Spanish Fork. At Spanish Fork we went east on US 6 through the Wasatch Mountains. The rain eased up some during this stretch of the journey, but it was overcast all day. US 6 goes east and south on winding roads with slow climbs and fast descents. Then we went through Price on the way to I-70 where we turned east passed Green River and on for about 50 miles, then south on US 191 past Canyonlands and Arches National Parks and on to Moab.

Kathi did manage to take a few pictures trough the windshield as we drove through the mountains, though it was overcast all day. Even in this weather the colors were special to see. In the Wasatch Mountains we saw mostly yellow and tan rock with a lot of dark green trees. The further south we went the rock colors showed more oranges and into reds and deep brown and less vegetation. Then as you approach Moab you see bright reds and lime greens on the mountains along the road.

Another mountain pass

See the railroad tunnels just above Kathi's rear view mirror.

Through a mountain pass

I love pictures of the long road ahead.

My view as I sit at my computer writing this blog entry.

It was another great drive that Kathi and I enjoyed. How can you not love the mountains? We saw many empty spaces available in all of the RV parks in Moab. I guess this is not the place to be in August. After we parked we had a hard rain for about an hour that washed the road film and grime off our motorhome. Left over roast and mashed potatoes for dinner ended another fun RV travel day.

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