Friday, September 12, 2014

Catfish Parlour

Kathi and I have had a few busy days running errands. Again, I am sorry for not posting for a few days. I will do better.

Today we both got a haircut. Then we went to Catfish Parlour for lunch. The restaurant is on Williams Drive, near the D. B. Wood intersection. They started off with a beautiful sign in front with CATFISH PARLOUR gouged into rough wood and the lettering painted orange. The weathering has made their sign almost unreadable from fifty feet away.

 This is one of our favorite restaurants in the Georgetown area. During the week you order at the counter and seat yourself. On weekends you are seated by a waitress who takes your order and delivers it to your table. The prices at Catfish Parlour are reasonable and competitive. They do have a full menu to order other entrees, but everyone goes there to eat catfish.

The catfish filets are always great. Kathi usually gets a combination of regular and spicy catfish. I like the combo of regular catfish and popcorn shrimp. On weekends they serve full size frozen shrimp. I much prefer the popcorn shrimp, so on weekends I just eat great catfish. Help yourself side dishes include cole slaw, macaroni and cheese, French fries, pinto beans, and hushpuppies. A salad bar is available for people that want a salad.

We usually eat catfish twice a week while we are here. Like I said, it is always good, but I think variety is good also.

Here are a few pictures I have taken this week in the Georgetown area. 

Shrub with red and yellow flowers in front of Red Lobster in Austin. Does anyone know the name of this shrub?

A boat on Lake Georgetown.

I am not sure why, but this purple entrance way goes to the back door of the Austin Solid Waste Facility.

I like unusual houses. This one is in Georgetown a few blocks east of downtown.

Nationally recognized VFW Post 8587.

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