Monday, September 1, 2014

Exit 102 to Sky City

Last Friday, Kathi and I went to Walmart in Grants and on the return trip took a different route to Sky City. We took exit 102 from I-40 near the Sky City Casino and followed the Indian Service roads to Sky City, the Sky City Cultural Center and Haak'u Museum in the Acoma Pueblo. We turned north on NM 23 and followed it back to the Laguna Pueblo.

Surrounded by hills and downgrades into valeys made this a pleasurable drive.

Nice rock formation on Indian Service Road 38.

Sky city Cultural Center viewed from the west, looking east.

Rock formation north of Sky City along NM 23.
Plateau along NM 23 looking northeast.

Another nice rock formation just south of Laguna Pueblo.

This was a great route to sky city. Beautiful scenery all the way. Coming off a winding downgrade into a massive valley was worth the trip, if we had seen nothing else.


  1. Sky city is the best way to see the rock formation . Few days ago I have visited there and enjoy a Vally view. Its a stunning and draws the visitors whole attention to itself. I have visited it before boston to washington dc bus tours this one is the best picnic spot and ideal fro the entire family visit.

  2. Thanks Faikka. I hope you enjoy the blog. I really appreciate your post comments.