Sunday, September 14, 2014

Flowers on Polk Lane

Kathi has been asking me to show some of our flower pictures on our blog. We both enjoy the vibrant colors of flowers and have flower pictures from many spots in our travels. I think we saw the most vibrant colored flowers when we were near San Diego, California in late spring.

All the pictures I am displaying today are from our house on Polk Lane before we sold it and bought our motorhome.

View from patio looking west across the back yard.


Christopher's lemon tree

Esperanza or yellow bells


View from south fence looking north.

Front entrance

round mixed flower bed

Another mixed bed

crepe myrtles, geraniums and esperanza.


  1. I think your Mom taught Kathi to love the beauty of flowers.

    1. You are so right Sheila - Mother loved flowers. We enjoyed walking around the yard and talking about the names - she wanted to look at every single bloom. Good times.