Monday, September 8, 2014

Lake Georgetown

I took our Jeep in to get pads for the brakes and an inspection sticker this morning. Our inspection sticker was expired when we left Texas for Oregon in April and now I find out I need to get a new seat belt before the inspection is completed.  I will try to find a used seat belt at a junk yard.

We have decided to spend an extended time at Lake Georgetown. It is hot now, but it will start getting cooler soon -- I hope. Al Gore is not helping me much. I used to do so well before he started making our climates change. We used to call them seasons when I was a kid, but now the progressives have discovered the climate changes with the seasons.

I have been seeing buds on cactus all around Georgetown, so I went out to get some cactus pictures before they bloom. None of the cactus I found inside Cedar Breaks Park have buds. I will look outside the park to get some before and after cactus blooms.

It is a beautiful hot sun shiny day so I did manage to get some great pictures of the lake and lake areas. I saw a black squirrel run across the street, but before I could get my phone turned on for a picture he was gone.

View from my front door.

You can see an RV at Jim Hogg Park across the lake.

Steep drop off down to the lake in this area.

Better view of Jim Hogg Park.

Many of the cedar trees look twisted and gnarled.

A nice restroom, shower facility 100 feet from my RV.

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