Friday, September 26, 2014

More Catfish

Here at Lake Georgetown we have electricity and water at our RV site. We have to go every seven to ten days to empty our tanks. I was a day late emptying my gray tank this week and ended up with standing water in my shower which is where we keep our laundry hamper. So, this morning after solving my tank problem we had to go to the laundry and wash our clothes. Living in an RV you actually have laundry day, unlike people with houses and indoor washing machines.

We do have a washing machine that holds up to two towels at a time. It works best when we have sewer hook-ups. Today's wash at home would have taken three days and two trips to the dump station.

Kathi has been telling me lately she is keeping an eye on me. I took her to the optometrist today, so in the future she will be able to keep both eyes on me. I always like that better.

Afterward we went to Catfish Parlour for a late lunch. At normal lunchtime at Catfish Parlour you go to the counter and order your catfish and shrimp, then help yourself to side dishes. Since we were late today we ordered off the dinner menu and our waitress brought our meal to us. I usually just eat catfish, popcorn shrimp and French fries. Today I added a Caesar salad. Kathi eats catfish and coleslaw. She loves their cole slaw. It was another great meal at Catfish Parlour.

Sign on Williams drive for Catfish Parlour.

Williams Street side of Catfish Parlour. The entrance is on the right side of the building.

There are a lot of people in the parking area for this walking trail at Lake Georgetown. I did not realize there was a river here.

I always think the signs are interesting. I am glad this one glows in the dark.

This is the road that goes directly to the boat ramp.

Life jacket loaner station.

I wanted a close up to see what the blue and white sign said. It says do not dig for fossils or relics or pay a huge fine. 

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