Saturday, September 13, 2014


A few days ago Kathi and I ate at Rudy’s in Round Rock. I have also eaten at two Rudy’s locations in Austin and one on the east side of the Gulf Freeway (I-45) going from Houston to Galveston. There is also a Rudy’s on US 290 on the west side of Houston. For some reason all the Rudy’s locations include a Shell station. Someone at Shell must love barbecue.

Rudy’s makes great brisket. I always get extra moist and Kathi likes the extra lean brisket. Kathi also likes the smoked turkey and occasionally I get sausage to make a sausage sandwich. In most locations they do not make sandwiches, but supply bread for you to make your own. Potato salad and banana pudding are always available, but I seldom have room in my stomach for the banana pudding. Rudy’s sells their own brand of barbecue sauce, which is excellent. Most locations also sell breakfast tacos, but I have not tried them.

They claim to be a country store and do have a few items for sale, but most of the business is brisket. My oldest son who lives in Austin wants to eat at Rudy’s every time we come into town and I am thrilled to take him.

Below are some pictures we have taken in the Georgetown area. 

A view across Lake Georgetown from Cedar Breaks Park looking into Jim Hogg Park.

I had to have a picture of the blue house. I do not see this color often.

Red buds on a cactus. I hope it blooms before I leave town.

I love the look the rock drain gives this house in Georgetown. The drain goes across the front from the driveway to the gutter.

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