Tuesday, September 30, 2014

San Francisco Views

Kathi and I are still on Lake Georgetown and will probably be here at least three more weeks. It has been a quiet day today and not much activity on the lake. I do have some bird pictures taken from right outside my window, but not good enough to post, since they are clouded by our window screens. The birds are still fun to watch. They stop on a tree limb and dash to the ground to dig little critters out of the clover.

I am going to post some cityscapes from San Francisco today. If you have never visited San Francisco, you probably do not realize how many hills they have in the city. There are about fifty distinct hills in San Francisco. People who are old enough to see “Streets of San Francisco” on TV or the Dirty Harry movies got glimpses of how the streets run up and down hills.

One trip to SF, I flew out alone to visit my son, A. J. when he lived there. We had no transportation -- so, we just walked. He is six foot seven with long legs and I am six foot two with short legs. When we walked around town, he had to wait for me to catch up at every corner. It is hard to walk down steep hills slowly.

San Francisco covers about 47 square miles and has near a million residents. It is the second most densely populated city in the United States, following NYC.

A view across the wharf to Alcatraz.

This is a view looking over Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world. The white car is just entering the S curve that goes one block. It was made that way so street vendors could get their carts down the hill.

I found going down just as hard as going up.

AJ with city in background.

A similar view to AJ, but I probably block more scenery.

A hilltop view of downtown.

That is a school in the center of this picture. The kids look like they are walled in. 

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