Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sunset at Cedar Breaks

Kathi and I are still at Cedar Breaks Park on Lake Georgetown. Since we are here for a month or more to visit our oldest son in Austin, Lake Georgetown is the logical place for us to stay, as long as I limit the drives into Austin.

With our Golden Age Passport card we can stay on Lake Georgetown for $12 per night. We have to pay twice that to stay at an RV park in Georgetown and Round Rock. Staying at an RV park in Austin is minimum $38 per night. You can get Passport America rates for a couple of days, which means half price, then the price reverts to $38. There is also an RV park in Buda, but the gravel road though the park has so many ruts we do not want to drive our motorhome through it. Every time we have been there it has been full, with mostly permanent people.

Traffic is usually bad on I-35 going into Austin, so we like to miss peak traffic times. People are still flooding into this area and the highway system cannot keep up.

They are building big houses all around Georgetown and you see new apartments all along the highway going into Austin. I can understand the apartments, but I do not know who is buying all the big houses in this economy.

We always enjoy being on the lake. Today I am going to show some pictures we took in February 2012 along the road into Cedar Breaks Park. We think the pictures are pretty special.

We came over the hill and saw this site. My Jeep helped itself off the road so I could stare.

As I panned around the sky I saw different colors and hues everywhere.

Isn't it great how the pink fades into the blue colors of the sky.

How do they do this?

I use this one for my screen saver.

Click on the pictures to make them larger. This one is worth a closer look.

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