Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This Week at the Lake

On Monday, September 22, 2014 Kathi and I attended an off-season basketball game where the Hutto High School hosted Liberty Hill. We attended to see our grand nephew, Austin Clark play for the Liberty Hills team. At this time of year most high school athletics are centered on football, since basketball season does not start until November. We enjoyed the game and appreciated the hustle the players displayed, especially on defense. This is 4-A basketball with much smaller rosters than I am used to seeing in the 5-A games we used to watch at Deer Park.

We are still at the Cedar Breaks Park on Lake Georgetown. I had two deer walk by the window of the RV this morning. I always enjoy them. The deer pictures are cloudy because I took them through the window. If I open the window, they run away. They are very cautious around people, although I have never seen anyone try to approach them here. I guess skittish is in their nature. I'll wait for better deer pictures to post them.

Fredrickson Builders are erecting a new housing addition near Lake Georgetown. The addition is approached using the Cedar Breaks inlet Road. Not many houses yet, but I have a couple of pictures for examples. 

Another neat sunset taken from the Cedar Breaks Park Road.

Austin Clark and his Dad John.

Nice new house near lake Georgetown.

Sign at entrance to Fredrickson Ranch. It was getting dark at the Time.

Big house with four car garage. I'm sure one is for the tractor they will use to mow the lawn.

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