Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Kathi and I are still living it up on Lake Georgetown. Beautiful weather today -- bright sunshine and 84 degrees. We plan to move to the Deer Park area around November 8th. Right now we do not know for sure where we will be staying, since the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson is full. We have stayed there during the holiday season for about eight years.

It was such a beautiful day we wanted to be outside for awhile so we picked up our son, AJ in Austin this morning and went to the Carino’s in Manchaca for lunch. Manchaca is south of Austin, just before Buda. We started off with homemade bread to dip in seasoned olive oil. Kathi had the pecan crusted chicken salad and AJ and I had the house salad and 16 layer lasagna. I enjoyed the fresh salad with Italian Dressing and the lasagna was great. AJ and I had some lasagna left over, so he took it home for dinner.

I used to see signs that said Johnny Carino’s and I think this is the same restaurant chain, they just don’t always use Johnny’s name.

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This picture is taken at my nephew, John's back yard. I love seeing the moon in the blue sky.

We drove up on this spot and there were three baby fawns on the green grass. Before I could get my camera, they moved back into the woods. Their legs are visible, but you can barely see them in this picture.

I took this picture to see the tall spikes on the century plants. The spikes are about 20 feet tall. Some leaves, but no blooms yet. I will get a picture with a better view for a later post.

Bushes in front of Carino's. One bush with small red flowers and the one behind has purple flowers and look similar to lupine.


Carino's sign

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