Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dinner with John and Shanna

Kathi and I enjoyed burgers and hot dogs with our niece and nephew last evening. John’s mother, Sheila was in from Houston with her friend Carolyn. They had all spent the afternoon at a health fair hosted by the Health and Safety Committee from Liberty Hill High School. Our grand nephew, Austin you will recognize from his big smile. Sammy, Shanna’s well behaved dog was also in attendance. Sammy had dog food while we ate, although he did get a few leftovers after we were through with dinner.

When we arrived, John and Austin were out to get propane for the grill. Kathi and Shanna started prepping for dinner while I caught up with the news from Sheila and Carolyn. Soon after John and Austin returned they started the grill to cook the hamburger patties and sausage we used for our hot dogs.

We enjoyed dinner and had pumpkin cakes and coffee for dessert. The most fun was probably while we were sitting around the table after dinner discussing family history and adventures. There was a lot of laughter which was good for everyone.

Carolyn related some of her RVing adventures for us. She had fun, interesting stories to tell.

Kathi introducing Austin and Shanna to my website and blogs.

John and Austin at the grill

Sammy waiting at the end of the table

Sheila and Carolyn

Austin and me -- doesn't he have a great smile.

John and Austin after dinner.

Shanna and Sheila enjoying the laughter.

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