Sunday, October 19, 2014


Kathi and I took a drive mid day today from our RV on Lake Georgetown west to Kingsland to see the houses on the Colorado River. Our family is discussing renting a four bedroom house there for a family get together after the first of the year. The places look great on the internet, but we wanted to get an idea of the area -- mostly we just wanted to be out of the RV for awhile, since we spent most of the weekend indoors.

We took Texas Highway 29 west over the rolling hills through Liberty Hill, Bertram and into Burnet. We crossed the Colorado River just south and east of Lake Buchanan. We passed the Lake Buchanan dam off to the north. I would like to get a closer view of the dam, but that will have to wait for another day. We passed Reverend Jim’s Dam Pub, then went south on FM 1431 to Kingsland.

We turned back east on Ranch Road 2545 and drove around several lakeside areas west of the river. The houses were small and crowded close together, although most of them do have nice boat docks. After half an hour we decided we were on the wrong side of the river so we backtracked to FM 1431 and went further south until we crossed the river again. We found the Colina Cove addition and found the big houses we came to see. Many of the houses are occupied full time and some are investment properties that people use for short term rentals.

It was a nice drive and pleasant diversion. When we got back to Georgetown we were both hungry so we went to “Catfish Parlour” for more catfish. It was great again.

We had Mexican food a few days ago at Dos Salsas. It is our favorite Mexican food restaurant in Georgetown and is right across the street from where we were doing our laundry.

Fake Deer

Clashing yellows

A neat lattice by a riverside home

A real deer hiding from me.

This is the back door of a big house across the river. A huge boat dock and outdoor area on the back side of the house.

Colina cove sign

Looking through the park to boat docks across the river.

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