Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Longhorn Steakhouse

Our Jeep is still in the shop and we should be able to pick it up tomorrow. First we had it at Firestone where they replaced our radiator and changed the oil. They could not change the automatic transmission fluid, because the Jeep does not come with a dipstick for the transmission. We took it from Firestone to Southpoint Chrysler Jeep between Austin and Buda.

We rented a Ford Fusion while our Jeep was being repaired. The Fusion is a nice car, but I do not fit in it. I have to duck my head in, then sidle my feet to get my behind in, then twist and sit, after which I can drag my feet in. I will be so happy to get our Jeep back.

Kathi has been cooking mostly at home while we have been living at Lake Georgetown. Today she needed a break so we went to Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch. We each had one of the lunch specials. Today we opted for the Smoky Double Bacon Sirloin with stuffed baked potatoes and salads. Kathi likes her meat well done, and I am better with medium well, but I ask for medium at Longhorn, trying to match the cook with my desired outcome. The steaks had a great flavor, but mine was a little tougher than normal. Lunch was great. The steaks are only six ounces on the lunch specials, but I still managed to bring some home and ate the remainder while typing this blog post.

I usually get the chicken fried steak, but I thought maybe I did not need the gravy today. That will still remain my favorite.

Beside the Longhorn here in Georgetown, I know of several locations in Houston. For anyone wanting a good steak for a reasonable price, Longhorn is pretty fair choice.

Below are some pictures at Lake Georgetown over the weekend. We had beautiful cool weather and sunshine which caused the park to fill up for Friday and Saturday nights. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Jim Hogg Park RV Sites across the lake

There are usually boats on the lake on the weekend, mostly fishing, but a few skiers and some just cruising.

Another view across the lake

We have motorhomes, fifth wheels, pop-up trailers and tent campers on good days.

Another tent camper. They have a fifth wheel and a tent for the kids.

The restroom across the street is a staging area for families walking to the lake to fish from the bank.

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