Thursday, October 23, 2014

Our 50th Wedding Anniversary

In June 1964 I returned home from South Korea where I spent my last year of service in the U.S. Army. I moved back home with my parents and began thinking about how to reengage in civilian life. I bought a 1960 powder blue Ford Fairlane six cylinder, four door sedan for $600 -- money I saved while in the Army. I started off earning $78 per month and by the time I got out of the Army, I was probably making about $325 a month, which includes base pay and proficiency pay.

After being home for a month or so and still not sure what I wanted to do with myself, I asked my sister, who had just graduated high school, to introduce me to some of her friends. And that is how I met Kathi. This was around August first. Kathi and I went out the next night and have been an item ever since.

Kathi had just graduated Pasadena High School and already had a job working for Prudential Insurance on Holcomb Street in Houston. She started school when she was five so she graduated at 17 years old. She could not drive, so her dad took her to work each morning on his way to work.

Kathi and I began discussing marriage and set the date for October 23, 1964. Since Kathi was not yet 18 her father had to sign for us to get a marriage license.

We got married at Kathi’s family home in Pasadena and after the wedding we went home to the Spacefield Apartments, where we rented a one bedroom apartment a few days before.

After less than three months of courtship and plenty of growing up still to come, we managed to make it to fifty years together. We take pride in our two sons, AJ and Christopher, even when they are a challenge. We are also proud of our education and work histories. Nowadays Kathi and I live in an RV and spend 95% of our time less than 30 feet apart. I feel so lucky to have Kathi in my life.     

Me with Sheila in the foreground.

Mr. & Mrs. Clark with Kathi and I

Kathi and Arlon

The minister that married us

Posing for the camera

The Love of My Life


  1. What a wonderful love story. We wish you two many more years of happiness.
    Carol & Lloyd

  2. Thanks for the comment. See you soon.