Saturday, October 25, 2014

WinStar World Casino

For the last few Years the WinStar World Casino has been one of our favorite spots for entertainment. From Austin we take I-35 north and the casino is located one mile north of the Red River which separates Texas and Oklahoma. The Thackerville community is very small, so if you need anything beside a post office and gas, the closest shopping is in Gainesville, Texas, just before you cross the state border.

The casino complex includes two hotels, a huge paved RV park and a golf course. We have stayed at the RV park many times. It is easy to get in and out of and all spaces are paved. There is a three story parking garage and shuttle buses run constantly.

The casino itself is special and the layout allows for a lot of exercise. It is over a mile from one end to the other and Kathi and I have walked the entire distance several times. We park our car and go inside and move from one slot machine to another and invariably end up at the other end of the casino from where we parked. If it has been a long day, which it often is, the walk back to the car is excruciating.

The casino itself is sectioned into Plazas each decorated according to it’s name. The sections are: New York, Cairo, Paris, Beijing, Rome, Madrid, London and Vienna. Not only are they decorated like the cities, they have restaurants that you would find in these cities. Personally I love the Nathan’s hot dogs in the New York Plaza or the Matador’s Pizza in Rome. Kathi likes Kahn’s Fire Mongolian Grill in the Beijing Plaza. They also feature a Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill which has great steaks and all normal restaurant fare.

This may be the best casino we have been to across the country for getting to play for long periods of time without losing all our money. Of course, it is gambling. Lately when we want a casino for gambling fun, WinStar has been our first choice.   

The facade was designed by an architect out of Las Vegas.

One of six entrances into the casino.

The outside really gives no clue to what is inside.

The southern end of the casino has a bingo parlor and offices.

I got real excited when Kathi called me over to see this, until she reminded me it was pennies, then I realized I was still excited.

A lion decoration near the bank of Hot Shot slot machines.

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  1. I was perfectly happy sitting here in Dickinson, and you go and remind me I'm not having fun after all.
    How long till Spring?