Thursday, October 2, 2014


Kathi and I drove in to Austin yesterday to take our oldest son, AJ grocery shopping and to run a few more errands. While we were driving I noticed the air conditioner lost air flow, so I started trying to find out what changed. I noticed the car was overheating and soon I got a message on the driver’s console that the transmission was overheating. I translated that to mean, maybe I need to add transmission fluid. There is no way to check transmission fluid level on the Jeep, since it does not come with a dip stick.

I found a spot to pull off I-35 and we parked for awhile letting everything cool down. Then we found a Shell Station that had no transmission fluid. Whatever happened to service stations? I did buy oil and water. I noticed our water reservoir still had water, so I assumed my radiator had water, but I added a liter of water to the reservoir anyway. We cooled some more and I found an Auto Zone across the freeway and got some transmission fluid, added it and took off again.

We overheated again, so I pulled off and called a wrecker. While waiting for the wrecker I called Longhorn Car & Truck Rentals and got them to deliver a car to us. While waiting two more hours for the wrecker, Kathi bought us In & Out burgers. Everyone was hungry and the burgers were a perfect fit for our circumstance.

This morning I found out my radiator was leaking and had to be replaced. It turns out the reservoir does not gravity feed water into the radiator. If I would have checked the radiator instead of assuming how the reservoir worked, I could have saved a wrecker call. My Jeep should be ready tomorrow.

I managed to clean up some of my through the window and window screen pictures I took on Tuesday. They are not great, but I am happy I got to see the birds and squirrel.

I was glad to be within five feet of the cardinal to get this picture. 

Shadows from sun  in the background make my window looked streaked. Good silhouette of the squirrel.

Not sure what this bird is, but I call all of birds with a yellow breast sap suckers. 

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