Saturday, November 1, 2014

Baird, Texas

I woke up this morning and it was 57 degrees in my bedroom. Hooray! Hooray! It felt really good to have to borrow extra cover from Kathi to keep my shoulder warm.

View out my front windshield.
We are still on Lake Georgetown. We have moved to the fourth RV space since we have been here. We normally have to move, because up until November 1st we were only able to book two weeks at a time on the program. They will allow you to extend for two more weeks, but often the site we are parked in has been reserved online by someone else. I don’t mind moving a few hundred yards every two weeks -- it gives me the opportunity to practice my driving skills.

View of Lake Georgetown out my front Windshield.

It is a beautiful Saturday on Lake Georgetown -- I’ll include a couple of pictures taken through my windshield so you see what I look at all day. The end of next week we plan to move to the Pasadena Area.

In February 2010 we were in no hurry and had been doing a bunch of driving, so we stayed in Baird, Texas for a week.  We have stayed at the Baird Inn RV Park several times. Baird is about 20 miles east of Abilene on I-20. Normally we only stay one night since there are very few things to do and see in a town of less than 2000 people. We prefer to stay in Baird instead of Abilene and the Baird Inn makes it easy, as it sits on the feeder street on the westbound side of I-20. The downtown area is in I-20 Business south of I-20. We enjoyed seeing the small town, the churches, the city hall and the Texas & Pacific Railroad Depot and Museum.

Baird Courthouse

Texas - Pacific Railroad Depot, Visitors Center and Museum

A blue Jay outside my window

Sign in front of the museum

A mural downtown
Another bird outside my window. I do not see many of these in the Houston area.
If you like travel blogs you probably already know about the Bayfield Bunch. They can be found at Http:// If you have not taken an opportunity to look at the blog, I highly recommend it. The blog is written by Al Bossence who travels with his wife Kelly. Their home is in Bayfield, Ontario, Canada. The blog looks great and Al has several cameras and takes great pictures.

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