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We got to Blackhawk, South Dakota on May 10, 2004 for a two week visit. We stayed at the Three Flags RV Park right off I-90. The park is at the eastern edge of the Black Hills National Forest. Some of the things most etched in my memory took place in the RV Park itself. First we drove in after a heavy rain and everything was muddy and our motorhome skidded a little going to our RV site. Not much more rain during the two weeks we were there, but there were some foggy days when we could not see ten feet ahead.

My favorite memories are of the high wind blowing all day and all night. The wind blew so hard, we could feel the motorhome lift up and rock. It rocked us to sleep almost every night we were there. Out our front windshield we looked out at the mountains covered with green trees in the distance and right across I-90 was a field with horses grazing. In the time we were there I never saw a human taking care of the horses, but I guess they had water and grass for drinking and eating, so they appeared to be okay. What was amazing was the horses seemed to have their own exercise schedule. One horse in particular we watched gallop down the fence line and walk back to the corner where he started, then turn and gallop down the fence line again. Maybe he just felt like running. It was beautiful to watch.

The weather was gorgeous most days -- cool with bright sunshine. Like I stated earlier -- this was one of our most enjoyable ventures. We had a lot of rabbits living in the vicinity of our RV site and some were baby rabbits. Every time we opened our door they scurried out from under our motorhome. We tried to supplement their diet with fresh greens and carrots, but they would not eat anything we fed them.

Blackhawk was a good home base to visit many area attractions. It is about twenty miles southeast of Sturgis. We drove into Sturgis one day just to see the town. There were motorcycles on the highway every day going to and from Sturgis. We enjoyed the drive into town, but would not care to be there during one of the motorcycle rallies. It would be much too boisterous for us at this stage in our life.

Bear Country USA was another memorable day trip for us. The Bear Country address is in Rapid City, but it is actually out of the city. This is a drive through park that features bears of all sizes, elk, cougars, goats, wolves and porcupines. It was well worth the entry fee to drive through the park.

Another trip was a drive to Deadwood, where Wild Bill Hickok was killed. How could a western movie buff such as myself not go to Deadwood when in the vicinity. Deadwood had only two main streets filled with tourist shops and tiny casinos. We did not stop but just the drive through the mountains to get there made the trip worthwhile. A lot of houses are built on the mountainsides among the prevalent evergreen trees.

In the next few post, I will discuss some of the sites we visited in the area, including Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower, Custer State Park and Crazy Horse.

Pastoral scene in south Dakota

Horses grazing

A small herd

More South Dakota scenery

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