Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Kathi and I are still on Lake Georgetown. It is cool and overcast today. AJ has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so we will be driving into Austin to take him. We plan to stay on the lake until the end of November, before moving to Bacliff. We have had some beautiful days this week for taking pictures, but today looks glum, so I am going to write about Cabellas, which I am sure most of you are familiar with and may have visited.

Cabellas is a chain of stores that sells outdoor equipment for hunting, fishing, boating, camping and almost any other outdoor sport. They have about fifty stores across the United State and Canada. We have been to Cabellas stores in several states.

The merchandise is nice, but we like to go to Cabellas just to look at the huge aquariums and wildlife displays. These stores are huge and elaborate. Sometimes the stores may have huge pools where they float boats they have for sale. They have ATVs, golf carts and other camping vehicles on display.

Polar Bear


Small Moose

Musk Oxen

Brown Bear


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