Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cedar Breaks to Jim Hogg

Saturday was a lot of fun for us as retired RV travelers, but I am going to save the fun parts to the end. First I am going to talk about the reason we moved from Cedar Breaks Park to Jim Hogg Park across Lake Georgetown. Both parks are nice and from many of the sites you get great views of the lake out the front window. The views we see are why many people love the RV lifestyle. We prefer to stay at Cedar Breaks because we make many visits to our son, AJ in Austin and staying at Jim Hogg adds about ten miles to each trip to Austin.

Last year The Corps of Engineers parks in this area started scheduling RV sites on This is fine with us and it makes scheduling in advance a lot easier. The downside is will only allow you to schedule on line for fourteen days in a thirty day period. Kathi and I both have senior passport cards so we can each schedule two weeks and stay on the lake for a month. You can also ask for an extension for two weeks which is normally allowed.

On November 1st we were told the schedule changed and many of the RV sites in Cedar Breaks were shut down for the winter. Right at the end of our stay in Cedar Breaks, something came up and we needed to stay here a few weeks longer. I got on to schedule a new home and all I found available was at Jim Hogg. When Kathi told the camp hosts we were moving, she found out we could have stayed at Cedar Breaks by asking at the gate. What they meant to tell us was that many of the sites are not available on for the winter season. The sites we thought were not available actually are available for long term visitors, but you have to ask for these sites in person instead of scheduling on line. We decided to keep the schedule I created, so yesterday we moved from Cedar Breaks Park to Jim Hogg Park. I like to shorten the name and tell people I am staying at the hog park.

View through my right front windshield.

View from my left front windshield.

For the fun parts -- don’t get real excited as this might not sound like fun to everyone, but I enjoyed the day immensely. We slept late since check out time at the parks on Lake Georgetown is 2:00 pm and check in time is 3:00 pm. Then on a travel day we only had to drive ten miles -- this is my kind of travel -- you don’t get far, but you aren’t tired when you get there. My navigator guided me in without having to backtrack once. It was a beautiful sunshiny day and the temperature was in the low sixties. Not only was it a great day for travel, but a really great day just to be alive. As we drove into Jim Hogg there were tents everywhere. The RV site right across the street from where we parked had five tents. There were young girls, age approximately five to thirteen everywhere, riding their bikes, throwing rocks in the lake and walking their dogs. I really enjoy seeing kids having fun.

View to my neighbor.

View across the front of my Alfa. Man under canopy on the right is computing.

My view of the lake

Panning a little to the left.

Several boats, but no skiers today.
I’ll take all the days I can get like that. Today is almost as good, but the tents and kids were gone when we woke up. It got down to mid fifties overnight and probably a brisk wake up call for tent campers.

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