Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lake Georgetown to Dickinson

Monday was intresting. We got up at four am to drive into Austin to take our oldest son, AJ to the doctor for eye surgery. We waited patiently for a few hours until they took him in for surgery and then waited a couple of more hours for the surgery to be completed. AJ’s friend JC stayed with us through the surgery and went home with AJ so he would not be alone in the afternoon after surgery. AJ went home with a patch on his eye, still groggy from the anesthesia. Kathi and I  got back home late afternoon. After we got home we found out a family member in Houston was ill and we felt compelled to return to the Houston area ASAP. We called AJ and told him the news and let him know that if his eye exam on Tuesday was good news, we would be leaving town after the office visit.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 was another interesting day. We got up early again to go to the eye doctor for a surgery follow up visit. Before we saw the doctor, a technician removed the eye patch and cleaned up the adhesive around the eye. The process gave AJ a headache similar to the headache he had the previous evening after surgery. After the eye was cleaned sufficiently the technician confirmed the vision had not changed in his left eye -- it was the same. Then she checked the right eye and asked AJ what he saw. He said he saw nothing. Then she held up two fingers in front of his face and asked him to look again. He got a shocked look on his face, raised his buttocks off the chair, leaned forward and said, “I see two fingers.” He has had no vision in the right eye in forty years and now he does. We are not sure where the vision will stabilize, but it is different and will require some adjustment.

We stopped by the drug store and bought an eye patch, then dropped AJ off at his apartment to rest for the rest of the day. Kathi and I went back to Lake Georgetown to check out early and headed to the Houston area. We took Texas Highway 29 east through Georgetown and turned south on Toll Road 130. We love this toll road. For the twenty five miles between Highway 29 and US 290 there is very little traffic, compared to the parallel route on I-35. We got behind a Greyhound Bus on 290 and followed it all the way to Hempstead. These busses used to be grey, but this one was two-tone blue. The bus followed the speed limit exactly and we kept up until the speed limit got to seventy, then we drifted behind, as I capped our speed at sixty five. This leg of the trip was uneventful and enjoyable -- we were glad to be on the road again after being in Georgetown for four months.

As we neared Houston, it got dark and the traffic got thicker as we progressed toward town. We were bumper to bumper on the narrow lanes from Cypress, through Jersey Village and onto the I-10 exit and it stayed bumper to bumper past the north edge of down town Houston all the way to Loop 610 South on the east side of town. We went over the ship channel bridge and turned back east on Texas Highway 225 through Pasadena and Deer Park. We turned south on Texas Highway 146 through La Porte, Seabrook, Kemah and Bacliff, then turned back west on Texas 96 for two miles. We turned south on South Shore Boulevard which changes to Caroline Street in Dickinson. This leads us directly to the Green Caye RV Park.

Kathi was an excellent and skilled guide and traffic director getting me to back into two different RV spaces in the dark. The first site had no electricity and a call to the office got us relocated to the site 185 that is now our home for a few months.

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  1. It is very late the day after Thanksgiving. Thanks to my family for the sacrifice and patience. This is a strange feeling. My left eye has always been legally blind but I was always just grateful I could see well enough to see girls. I never minded much that I could not drive or do so many other things. Fortunately playing a guitar or piano does not require a person to see from far away, or really see at at all. My left eye, thought, was completely blind except for awareness of light. Now my eyes seem to be the same except the one that was completely blind sees everything brightly compared to the other. Obviously I will have to wait for the stitches on the outside to dissolve and all the things that happen on the inside of the eye to settle but I am extremely optimistic. I am lucky to have a great family, great friends and a super cute girl who looked after me following the surgery.