Monday, November 17, 2014

Lake Okeechobee

Another beautiful winter day on Lake Georgetown -- the temp is about fifty and the sun is bright. At this temperature, not many tent campers or boaters on the lake today. Kathi took me to Longhorn for lunch. I had chicken fried steak with fries and she had soup and salad. I dropped Kathi at our niece Shanna’s house so they could spend the afternoon together. Since I was in charge of myself, I went to Shipley’s Donut shop and found they closed at 1:00 pm. I’ll have to postpone my donut binge.

Now I will continue with my stories about the 2004 RV trip I started discussing last week. While we were in Florida, I wanted to visit Epcot Center at Disneyland. We drove to Disneyland, but decide not to go because of all the crowds of old people in town. I guess I did not want to look like one of them. Now that I reflect back, I am sorry I missed the opportunity.

When we left our friend at Holmes Beach and the RV park in Bradenton, we moved to Okeechobee, Florida on Lake Okeechobee -- the second largest fresh water lake in the country. We stayed at the Big “O” RV resort, which I remember nothing about. We spent a week in the area and as big as this lake is, we never saw it. From the roadways we traveled you had to go over a thirty foot embankment to get to the lake and we never took the time to look.

While we were there we learned that there is an Okeechobee Waterway that has a series of five locks that allow boats to move from one coast of Florida to the other without having to go around the southern tip of the peninsula and the Florida keys. We were excited to learn this new information, so we visited the St. Lucie Lock. It was a nice afternoon watching the boats being elevated or lowered in the lock as they traversed the state. I had no idea this option existed.

The lock manager/operator kept fishing lines in the water about fifty feet below his station house. When he was not busy with boats he moved from one line to another pulling up fifty feet of line and taking pan sized fish for his evening meal. He told us he caught enough fish each day that they never had to worry about a meal -- he probably caught five or six in the hour or so we were there.

One afternoon we drove into Miami. It was fun and we saw some nice building architecture with an ocean views in the background, but nothing really attracted our attention.

I really wanted to take US highway 1 and drive down through the keys. I have been fascinated with the keys since I saw Key Largo fifty or so years ago. I have seen many movies and TV shows showing the beautiful views along the Keys Highway. I may never get to take this trip and I probably should have when I was there, but it is only a small regret. Compared to other things we have got to see over the years -- I am extremely happy with what we have seen and done.

All these pictures are at Lake Georgetown in Texas.

View across the lake with cool breeze at my back.

A view of the Cedar Breaks RV parking area across the lake.

There are my nearest neighbors today -- about 200 yards away.

Lots of empty spaces on a cool Monday.

A view uphill looking behind our RV. Deer stand near the fence on the right side in the late evening to graze and block the breeze.

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