Monday, November 24, 2014

Memphis and Texarkana

After we left Raccoon Valley RV Park in Heiskell, Tennessee, we moved on to Memphis for three days. When we arrived in Memphis, we checked into the Elvis Presley RV Park on Elvis Presley Boulevard. We arrived on March 29, 2004 and rested that evening after our drive for the day.

The next day we made our visit to Graceland. We went to Graceland more for the nostalgia than for actual interest in seeing Elvis’ Home. See my blog post for June 25, 2014 for my “Visit to Graceland” adventure.

In my mind, Elvis is still the greatest showman I have ever seen and he had a really great voice that I still find enjoyable. Some of my favorite Elvis tunes are: “Something”, The Wonder of You”, “An American Trilogy” and “Until It’s Time For You To Go”.  Of course every time I hear “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, I see him and his bride floating on the raft at the end of Blue Hawaii.

Memphis was also the home of Sun Records, where Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Conway Twitty and several others started their recording careers. Sun Records is now a rock and roll museum.

Kathi and I stopped at a cafeteria down the road from the RV park for lunch. We were surprised when we got inside and we were the only white people in the place. There were a few stares, but they  made us feel welcome and my chicken fried steak was great, as usual.

After Memphis, we moved on to Texarkana, Arkansas and stayed in the Sterling Crest RV Park. Our site was so unlevel, we had our front wheels four inches off the ground.  We were in Texarkana to meet Bill Adams and his wife to have them install a Motosat internet satellite dish on our motorhome. We had tried several Verizon air cards previously with limited success. The satellite dish installation process was interesting. Bill and his wife put the new dish on top of their van and drove over next to our RV. They climbed on top of their van and the two of them lifted the dish and base plate to the top of our motorhome. Bill’s wife went on top and did the installation while Bill came inside to run all the wiring and install the computer software. In other words, he made his wife do the heavy lifting. They made a good team.

We used the satellite dish successfully all over the country until 2013 when I got a Samsung Note smart phone which was capable of being an internet hotspot. The phone has been very versatile and an excellent purchase. We have been happy with our AT & T service.

Memphis was fun and Texarkana was different. Next stop: Fort Smith/Alma, Arkansas.

View of the top of our motorhome showing the Motosat dish and Flex Power solar mats.

Sculpted trees and bushes in Tenessee

I have seen hedges and bushes scultpured, but this is my first time to see trees.

Another view

The pool at Graceland

Statues at Graceland

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