Friday, November 28, 2014

Mitchell, South Dakota

Well, we survived another Thanksgiving feast and I saw no one explode from overeating, but I tried as hard as anyone to get my share of the good food. We had ham, turkey, corn casserole, mashed potatoes, dressing, yams and lots of other items of good taste. Everyone in the family brought their favorite dishes and some extra favorite deserts. We had a great time visiting with family and friends on a beautiful fall day.

Kathi and I had a flat tire on the way to Thanksgiving dinner, so I spent this morning waiting my turn at Discount Tire. I ended up having to buy a new tire. A nail caused my tire to deflate, then I drove off without noticing the flat. I drove half a block and ruined the tire. I need to pay more attention to my first echelon maintenance responsibilities.


In April 2004 we left Arkansas and made stops in Missouri and Nebraska on the way to Mitchell, South Dakota, a trip that took us about a month. We got to the Dakota Kampground in Mitchell on May 3, 2004. This RV park is family owned and we were the only ones in the park for most of the week. They gave us a good discount because we were there so early in the season.

The locals obviously do not have a lot of appreciation for the amenities in Mitchell. When we told a young man at a local business we planned on staying for a week, he asked, “In Mitchell? What are you going to do?”

We thought it was entertaining because everything we were seeing was new to us. We enjoyed just driving through the town breathing the fresh mountain air. We were fascinated by The Corn Palace. This building is dedicated to corn, corn products and the corn farmers. The signs in The Corn Palace are made of different colors of corn. Corn displays fill every showcase in the building. Wall decorations are made of corn. Even the facade on the outside of the building is made from corn.

The building is used as a convention center and has an auditorium where they have plays and concerts in the city. They also host a corn festival each September to celebrate the corn crop. If you ever get to Mitchell, South Dakota, do not miss The Corn Palace.

We also enjoyed the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village Museum. The site is a continuing archaeological dig for Indian artifacts in the Thomsen Center Archeodome. Inside the building there is a grid of cord so they can identify the exact location where new artifacts are discovered. The Boehnen Memorial Museum contains about one and a half million artifacts. Personally I do not have the patience and stamina for archaeology, but if you are so inclined the diggers are active each summer.

Next Stop: Black Hawk 

Above my head you can see the corn facade on the building.

The old guy kept getting in the way of our pictures.

The Corn Palace Entrance

An example of the scenery in Mitchell

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