Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our Florida Trip

This post is about our adventures in Florida in January and February 2004. Our purpose for going to Florida was to see our friends, Tanya and Kelly who migrated from Texas to Florida a few years earlier. We were RV trekking and wanted to make the most of the trip, since we did not expect to return to Florida in the near future.

We spent two days in Tallahassee in northern Florida then moved to the Wild Frontier RV Park in Ocala, Florida. We were enjoying the beautiful weather, cool breezes, warm sunshine and many, many citrus trees. We still talk about the truckloads of oranges we saw on the roads while in Florida.

Our next stop was the Arbor Terrace RV Park in Bradenton, Florida. This was only a few miles from the island of Holmes Beach where our friends resided. Holmes Beach is on the Gulf Coast side of Florida. Being on an island, we got to see a lot of water and a lot of water activities. While Tanya was at work, we met Kelly at his home and he took us for a tour of the waterway around Holmes Beach, starting from the boat dock in their back yard. Kelly showed us the seabird habitats in the area and we boated into town to meet Tanya at the shop where she worked. It was a fascinating day for Kathi and I as we have lived around the water, but never lived the water life.

Tanya and Kelly have two sons, Shannon and Brandon. At the time we were there Brandon was running a charter fishing boat. We spent an afternoon at the dock when Brandon brought his boat in for the day and cut and distributed the fish for the fishermen he had guided for during the day trip. It was fun watching the myriad of pelicans gobble up the leftovers from the fish catch of the day. Their big mouths let them take huge bites and you can see the meal moving down their throats -- a fun sight.

Brandon's boat dock

One of many water related mail boxes in Florida

Hanging the catch of the day.

Waterway around Holmes Beach

Waiting for the fish to be cut up and distributed.

 We spent the evening at the Kelly house for a great dinner and got to meet Tina and Carmen, the wives of Shannon and Brandon. Dinner was fun and it was nice catching up on old times and new adventures with the entire Kelly Family. The next day Tanya and Kelly came to visit us in our motorhome -- they liked it. I guess they liked the idea a lot, because a few years later they bought a motorhome of their own. They treated us to dinner in the evening at a seafood restaurant on Holmes Beach. They were super good hosts and remain good friends via email.

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