Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our Trip to Heiskell, Tennessee

It is another beautiful day on Lake Georgetown -- about seventy degrees and sunshine. We slept late and I spent the morning reading Worth Dying For, another Jack Reacher book, number fourteen in the series. Then, Kathi and I had lunch at Whataburger. Back home now enjoying the RV lifestyle.


After we left Florida and the east coast in March 2004, we headed west with stops in Georgia and South Carolina on our way to the Knoxville Freightliner for routine service on our RV. The best RV park we found in the area was an Escapees park in Heiskell, Tennessee, about twenty miles northwest of Knoxville and five miles east of I-75 on SR 170. The Escapees book clearly told us to avoid coming from Oak Ridge to Heiskell from the south on SR 170. Somehow I got lost or turned around and guess where we ended up -- yep, on SR 170 south of Heiskell. This is a two lane road with lots of switchbacks, “S” curves and mucho traffic, so there was no place to turn around.

As usual, the way I get into these predicaments is by not listening to my navigator. I am sure that is the case this time also. We were traveling north on SR 170 and came into a double “S” curve with a dip under a railroad overpass. The clearance was not marked and I am sure Kathi said, “This is it.” and I pulled off the road into the brush and gravel. We were standing outside the motorhome evaluating the overpass. I thought I could make it so I started to go back inside and proceed on our merry way. Kathi asked, “What if you get under and get stuck?” I kind of stopped mid stride, changed directions and went back to unhitch our car so we could reverse course.

My part was easy -- all I had to do was a K-turn with a forty foot motorhome. Kathi had to be brave enough to stop traffic from both directions, and then direct our turnaround in front of a huge audience of angry onlookers, all the while keeping me out of the ditches. Did I mention she was brave?

We were only about ten miles from the RV park, but after turning around, hooking our car back up for towing and regrouping on a route we drove about forty miles to get to the Raccoon Valley RV Park in Heiskell. It was good being at a stopping point for a few weeks and great to be in the mountains again.

The Cumberland Gap

We saw a bunch of trees and bushes this golden color in March 2004 near Knoxville.

Picture of the Smokey Mountains in the distance.

Veteran's Overlook in Clinch Mountain, Tennessee.

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