Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday

On Tuesday night it started getting a little cooler in Lake Georgetown and it sprinkled rain all night. Wednesday morning it was still cool and the rain continued. We had to drive into Austin to take our oldest son, AJ to the doctor. It rained all the way and the traffic was slow. Our ordinary trip to AJ’s place takes thirty minutes, On Wednesday it took fifty five minutes.

After the doctor visit we went to the Red Robin in Austin for lunch. For those not familiar with Red Robin, it is a gourmet hamburger restaurant. I got a Royal Red Robin which is like a hamburger with bacon strips and a fried egg. I have grown to enjoy this sandwich, because it is moist and tasty. Kathi ordered a BLT and got a club sandwich instead. She removed the slab of turkey and it became BLT like. AJ had the Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger.

If you have not visited a Red Robin I recommend it. The only downside is the prices are too high. Ten dollars for a burger and fries is a bit much for us, but we do not go there very often. The atmosphere is nice. They have a hobby horse and other cartoon character figures on display. The walls are filled with pictures of city scenes, cowboys, movies stars and other memorabilia. It is like a diner from the fifties all grown up. They also have a tower of onion rings and malts and milk shakes which I love but have not had in a while due to my delicate figure.

I had an appointment back in Austin on Thursday. It was still overcast, but no rain. After the appointment, Kathi and I went to Joe’s Crab Shack for lunch. I almost always get their fried shrimp. To my taste Joe’s shrimp are the best around. The only other place I know with comparable shrimp is the Monument Inn near Deer Park, Texas.

Back to Joe’s: They have a lot of crab pots which Kathi loves. Today she had a spicy snow crab pot with comes with corn and potatoes. The whole meal is boiled together and served in a bucket. We have eaten at Joe’s Crab Shacks in five or six different states. The restaurants all have similar decor and the food is the same in every one of them. Joe’s serves a great meal any time of day. 

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