Sunday, December 7, 2014

Activities This Week

My brother-in-law, Larry Clark is on day five of seven days of chemo fighting acute myeloid leukemia. Last night and today he has a fever of 101 degrees and they are having trouble getting it down. Along with the chemo he gets blood transfusions every day. Our thoughts are concentrated on Larry and his health issues. His wife Andrea is there with him from early morning to late evening, every day. So far, he has not wanted anyone with him at night. He has had visits from many family members and friends from church, but this is a time for limited visitation, as he is more susceptible to infections in his weakened condition.

Kathi and I have been more busy than usual this week. On Monday we took Larry and Andrea to Methodist Hospital to get checked in through the emergency room. Tuesday we took Andrea to the hospital and picked her up in the evening to take her home.

Wednesday we had a late morning visit to our family doctor for minor checkups and prescription refills. We have been going to Dr. Deepak Pattanaik for about thirty five years. At his office building on Crenshaw in Pasadena, Texas, they have a Quest Lab across the hall from his office, so we strolled over and had our blood drawn for semi-annual blood tests. The technician that took Kathi’s blood told her she really needed to look at her 2015 Medicare book, because there are many changes in Medicare she would not like. I will volunteer to read it for her, since it is really dull reading.

Since we were fasting, we were hungry after the doctor visit and we went to the recently constructed Waffle House on Spencer Highway, near Center Street in Deer Park. I had a waffle, two eggs, hash browns, sausage and a slice of Kathi’s bacon. I love Waffle House, though my waffle was overcooked a little on this trip, it did not discourage my enjoyment. After waffles we made a trip to the hospital to see if Larry and Andrea needed for us to do anything for them. They were good, so we visited for a little while.

On Thursday we both went to see Dr. McGrath, our dentist for about twenty five years. We do annual cleaning and checkups, because we are out of town most of the year. Kathi’s checkup was good and I need two crowns and two fillings. I like to blame my tooth problems on poor enamel, but it is more and likely chocolate chip cookies and Hershey’s with almonds. After the dentist we went to Las Hadas on Center Street in Deer Park for lunch. I always get three cheese enchiladas and three beef tacos. I have eaten Mexican food across the country and Las Hadas makes my favorite cheese enchiladas.

On Friday we had lunch with my sister, Carol and her husband Lloyd at Red River Barbecue on Highway 518 in League City. We had not had a chance to visit with them in a while, so we spent an hour and a half catching up. We had a most enjoyable conversation. Red River makes a great chopped beef sandwich and they have reasonable lunch prices. 

On Saturday, Kathi made pot roast with lean beef (Larry’s preference is no fat.), potatoes and carrots and a side of green beans. We took pot roast  to Larry and Andrea at the hospital and they both seemed to enjoy the lunch. Of course, I had to try the pot roast at home before the delivery to make sure it met the normal great taste standard -- it did.

I think laundry is our plan for today. We use coin laundries, since our RV washing machine has a two towel limit. I’m excited.
Boots belonging to Larry's Daughter Amy

Free coffee and cookies at the dentist's office

Kathi settling her bill after dental checkup

Fireplace at dentist's office

Sculpture of children and birds at Methodist Hospital

Christmas display at Methodist Hospital