Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Elko, Nevada

We left Declo, Idaho on June 17, 2004 on the way to San Francisco to see our oldest son, A.J. We went east on I-86 to Twin Falls, Idaho and south out of Twin Falls on U.S. 93. When we reached I-80 we turned west toward our next stop on the trip, Elko, Nevada -- total trip about 210 miles.

No surprise, but it was hot in the desert in June. We enjoyed traveling in our air conditioned motorhome. There is a lot to be said about traveling down the road carrying your own bathroom with you. It is certainly different than the trips my family made up and down highway 59 when I traveled with my parents in my youth. My grandparents lived in Nacogdoches and we made treks from wherever we lived back to see the grandparents in the summertime. Those were miserable trips with no air conditioning and relying on service station bathrooms. Remember, this was before Buckees.

The scenery on the way to Elko was a pleasant diversion and U.S. 93 was almost void of traffic, which allowed us to relax and enjoy the trip. We were pleasantly surprised to see a canyon with a stream running through it. We found out in later visits to Idaho, that Twin Falls has some marvelous touristy things to see along the Snake River Canyon.
Snake River near Twin Falls, Idaho

Nevada cattle drive

Sitting in our RV waiting for the cowboys to get the cattle off the road.

Waterfalls near Twin Falls, Idaho

We stayed at the Valley View RV Park in Elko, because it is near I-80 with reasonable daily rates. After resting following our drive into Elko and a good night’s sleep we decided to do a little exploring. It did not take us long. Elko is a town of only about 20,000 people and is the county seat of Elko County. The Humboldt River runs through the south side of the city. We managed to find three casinos. Since it had been awhile since we saw a casino and they are our favorite hobby when we have a little extra change, we were excited.

We stopped at the Gold Country Casino which did not have enough parking spaces for the cars, but we managed to find a place to park nearby. We mostly played video poker which is a good way to start in a casino you are not familiar with. You can usually play video poker for a long time and lose little money, no matter what the odds are for that particular casino. We had a nice lunch at the casino restaurant. Kathi had a veggie wrap she really enjoyed. After lunch Kathi hit a jackpot that gave her all the money back we had lost in the morning, so we took the opportunity to go home breaking even, so we could enjoy gambling another day.

We could see snow on the mountains around us, so we spent the next afternoon driving in the mountains. We enjoyed seeing several waterfalls in the Lamoille Canyon. It was 85 degrees in town, but much cooler in the mountains. The next afternoon Kathi took me to see a Harry Potter movie. We were the only ones in the theater, so we could stand and walk around getting exercise while we watched the movie. Kathi always thought Harry was for kids and I guess I came to the same conclusion. My consolation was the movie was cheaper than the casino.

Next stop: Fernley, Nevada on the way to Redwood City, California where we stay when we visit San Francisco.

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