Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Family Update

Kathi and I are still at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, Texas and expect to be here a few more months. My sister and her husband also are living in the RV park right now and we have not had a chance to visit with them but once, since we have been here. They have two sons and four grandkids that live in the area and it keeps them pretty busy. Kathi and I have been busy seeing our doctors for annual checkups and helping her brother, Larry and his wife, Andrea battle his Leukemia.

On Monday morning, Kathi and I went to see Larry at Methodist Hospital so Andrea could go to work for a few hours. Like everyone else, it is essential that she keeps her job while taking care of Larry. Andrea works
Old picture of ducks at Green Caye 

Black bird is a pine tree. I forgot what day of Christmas this is.

I really had a tree hangup in November 2010. Lots of palms here.

Picture taken earlier this week by Jack In The Box

My sore left foot from too much walking. My other one is sore too, but too tired to lift them both.

at Dooley-Tackaberry in Deer Park and they have been supportive and understanding about the medical problems. Valet parking was full at Methodist, so I dropped Kathi off at the door and took the Jeep to Methodist Parking Garage #7 which is several blocks from the hospital main building. I used the crosswalk on the 3rd and 2nd floors to move from the garage through four other buildings, then into the main building. It took a while, but I finally got there. I ducked my head in to let Kathi and Larry know I was there, then went to the waiting area. They are trying to limit visitors to just Andrea and Kathi while he is vulnerable to infection.

Andrea picked up some work and a laptop computer, so now she can do some work from home or the hospital. After Andrea got to the hospital, Kathi and I walked across Fannin Street to St. Lukes Medical Building to see her cardiologist for an annual checkup and refill meds. Her ankles were swollen, so he increased the dosage on the diuretic she is taking. We walked back to Garage #7 to get our car and I was worn out by the time we got there. We stopped by Rudy’s for a barbecue sandwich on the way home.

Tuesday I had an early morning dental appointment. I woke up late, because I was using the alarm clock on my cell phone. The charging cord has an intermittent open and when Kathi woke up, my phone battery was dead and I had ten minutes to go before my appointment. I got dressed and took off and Kathi called to let them know I would be late. They punished me by giving me several shots of Novocain, replacing a crown and putting fillings in two teeth. I will not be late again. I got home to pick up Kathi and went to Methodist to check on Larry and deliver some yogurt. When we got home we picked up a extra large Legend pizza from Pizza King in League City. It is one of the best combination pizzas in the area -- being a pizza connoisseur, I would know.

Today we returned to the cardiologist’s office for Kathi to do a stress test. When she was finished, we stopped at Starbucks for hot chocolate and pastry while Kathi relieved her stress. I had been reading Jack Reacher #17, “A Wanted Man”, so I was stress free. We went across the street to see Larry and he was having a rough afternoon. About 1:30 pm this afternoon he finished his seventh straight day of chemo. Everyone is hopeful that it worked and Larry has a rapid recovery from the chemo. We stayed until Andrea got there and we went home. Kathi made Italian spaghetti which I enjoyed immensely. She packaged what I did not eat to take to Larry and Andrea. It was great, so they have something to look forward to.


  1. I always enjoy your wildlife pictures. I enlarged, cropped and re-enhanced this black bird