Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday In Dickinson

It has been a long time since we changed the spark plugs in our Jeep and I had a few other service items that needed to be done, so I took our Jeep to Ron Carter on I-45 in Dickinson. It is about 15 minutes from the Green Caye RV Park. We had other chores to do today, so I got to the Dodge/Jeep Dealership early. I was there about 6:30 am and the gates were still locked. I parked outside the gate and waited. About 6:50 one of the maintenance people arrived and opened the gate and service writers arrived a few minutes later. I finished my Jack Reacher book, “A Wanted Man” while I waited and I got back home about 10:45 am.

Kathi also got up early and she was hungry, so we had an early lunch. Kathi had pasta for lunch and I had spaghetti. Since we have been traveling, each time she cooks, she makes enough for several meals. The spaghetti was great once again and we still have more for later.

We hate losing this microwave, since it goes so well with the fridge.

Christmas display at Ron Carter in Dickinson. The chairs are very comfortable. They had seventeen of them and most were filled this morning.

Looking through the fence at the Shetland pony.

Reindeer live next door to the ponies and burros.

A yard on Lanis Street in Dickinson, ready for Christmas.
We had to go to the post office to get a box to ship Kathi’s mother’s cookbooks to our niece,Shanna.  We got a box and came back home to pack the books for shipment. We normally use the post office flat rate boxes. The box we picked up was printed on both sides, which I thought was strange, because extra printing costs a lot of money. My mistake was, I assumed both sides had the same print. We took the box to the post office for shipment and we had used the “Priority Mail Express” side of the box. For an 8-1/2 X 10-1/2 X 5-1/2 box, shipment was going to cost about $40. I looked at the boxes on display and the quoted price was $12.95. Obviously we inquired about the cost discrepancy and the postal worker explained “Priority Mail Express” must ship by overnight delivery and costs about $40. If we had used the other side of the box it says “Priority Mail” which is usually about three day delivery and costs about $13. We decided for $25 we would drive back home and repackage for a three day shipment. The post office was crowded each time, so we spent about two hours to mail one package at a post office three miles away.

You can determine wind direction at the top of the tree.
On the way home from a little Walmart shopping, we went down Windswept St. across 20th St. from the RV Park to see the Shetland ponies and the reindeer. There are also some burros in the field, but they often stay at the back of the property. It is hard to get pictures of the ponies, because they are behind a fence with 1” X 8” planks and you have to view them through the gaps in the Fence. I hate to get out and take picture over the fence, because I do not want to be viewed as a rustler -- maybe too many western movies.

Our microwave/convection oven went out in our RV and Kathi has been using the convection oven for several years. Our preferred RV repair centers are in Louisiana and Utah and we are a long way from both. So, we bought a cheap microwave a few weeks ago, but for baking and broiling, Kathi needs an oven. Our RV has a propane stove top and oven and we have always used the stove top, but the pilot has been off in the oven for nine years. Kathi wanted to roast some chicken breasts and so I retrained myself on lighting the pilot light. Oven use also required a wash down, since it has been out of use for so long. I told her the cost of lighting the oven would be home baked chocolate chip cookies. They will probably come later -- I am just hoping they will not taste like chicken. 

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