Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Post Thanksgiving Recap

Sorry, no pictures today. I am going to do a recap of Kathi and my activities for the last few days. Although I am going to discuss some other people briefly, I will be sketchy with their stories, since they involve personal family matters and this is a public blog.

Thanksgiving Day was great in La Porte, Texas. We spent the day with friends and relatives at the home of Kathi’s younger brother, Larry Clark and his wife, Andrea. Our niece Amy, whom we have not seen in several years, was there from Wichita, Kansas and our nephew Rick was in town from New Orleans. All other guests currently live in Texas It was good to see everyone.

Larry was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia earlier Thanksgiving week and was lackadaisical due to anemia during the day. He spent most of the afternoon sitting. Andrea was concerned about matching doctors with insurance coverage and getting rapid treatment for Larry. No doubt Larry was on people’s minds during the day, but we managed to have a fulfilling gathering. Larry has a lot of people that love and care about him and they are in the communications loop   

Monday, Kathi and I picked Larry and Andrea up at their home and took him to the Emergency Room at Methodist Hospital. Kathi and Andrea sat with Larry to record events and instructions as tests were administered and the medical team was being assembled. I spent most of the day in the waiting area reading. We left the hospital around seven PM to take Andrea home and get some rest ourselves. Believe it or not, I got lost leaving the Medical Center and even with my GPS it took us an extra forty minutes to get home. My plan was to leave Methodist and go south on Fannin St. and east on Loop 610, exit to Texas 225 and back to La Porte. I could not turn left on Fannin, so I turned right and tried to make the block. Being in the dark in the maze of the Medical Center and unable to see the street signs, I ended up going east on Holcombe, east on S. MacGregor Way, south on Almeda Road and south on highway 288 on the way to Pearland in bumper to bumper traffic. Andrea suggested a U-turn. I took her advice and got back to Loop 610 and back on track to be home before midnight -- well maybe it was not quite that bad, but I am glad I had Andrea’s help.

Tuesday we got up early to take Andrea back to the hospital so she could meet the doctor when she was doing her rounds and get the latest information. All was good and everything was progressing as planned. Our oldest son, AJ had a follow up visit to his eye doctor to assure he was healing properly from the lens replacement he had the previous week. His eye was healing and his vision is making some slight improvements. We picked Andrea up about 6:30 PM and took her to her home in La Porte and Kathi and I returned to Dickinson for some sleep, so we could get up early to go to our doctor for blood test and medication refills on Wednesday. After we got home Tuesday night, we found out the doctors were ready to administer the first dose of chemotherapy to Larry. Now he is only allowed a few designated visitors while the chemotherapy is conducted for the next seven days.

Thursday, Kathi and I will go the dentist for cleaning, X-rays and annual checkup.  

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