Thursday, December 18, 2014

Yellowstone III

I have two previous posts on our trip to Yellowstone National Park in 2004. They were posted on October 9, 2014 and October 17, 2014, if you are interested in seeing more Yellowstone pictures and stories. We stayed at the Howlin’ Mad Moon RV Park in Cameron, Montana for two weeks in June of 2004. This was our home base for our Yellowstone visits. The Yellowstone River was about one quarter of a mile west of the RV park. Howlin’ Mad Moon is so isolated there is no cell phone reception. We had to drive about twenty five miles when we wanted to make a phone call. Another thing we found funny is that no one washes their car in this part of Montana -- no car washes within one hundred miles.

Our time at Yellowstone is still one of our favorite memories since we began traveling in our Alfa RV in June 2003. It really helped having great springtime weather while we were there. Elevation is around 6,100 feet, so we had the cool mountain air and we could see snow on the mountains around us.  

We drove south on U.S. 287, following the Yellowstone River on most of our trips into the park. We saw fly fishermen fishing in the river almost every day. I never saw anyone catch a fish, but that is probably not unusual just driving by in the car. Certainly they would not be fishing if there was nothing to catch.

When we were in the Yellowstone park, we saw deer, horses, elk, a wolf, caribou and even a bald eagle. We drove up one of the mountains to 8,100 feet and there was snow everywhere. The waterfalls were spectacular and the roar of the falling water was exciting. We see a lot of waterfalls from a distance, but we do not get many opportunities to see them up close.

Taking a picture of a waterfall while Kathi took a picture of me and the waterfall.

The Yellowstone River. It is really fun driving down the road with this kind of view for miles and miles.

The Yellowstone River through a gorge it carved into the rock.

We saw a lot of fallen trees in the park. They endure pretty extreme weather conditions.

Another waterfall. My hair obviously loves the wind.

We saw many herds of buffalo.

Buffalo rubbing off his winter coat to get cooler.

The yellow shirt is really a distraction form the waterfall behind.
If you continue south on U.S. 287 you drive out of Yellowstone park right into The Grand Teton National Park. If it were not for the road signs, you would never know you changed parks. The Teton Range is about forty miles long and is named for the tallest mountain called The Grand Teton, which reached 13,775 feet in elevation. That is 7,000 feet above Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the valley below. I would love to have driven into Jackson Hole, but it was already late in the day and we did not want to have to drive home in the dark. We will have to visit Jackson Hole another time.

In our shorter drives exploring around Cameron, we saw a lot of colorful birds -- yellows, blues and turquoise, like we have never seen anywhere else. They rival the birds you see on National Geographic TV on some of their show about African or South American Jungles. The birds are so skittish, we were never able to get closer than ninety to one hundred feet. They are obviously not trained for amateur photography.

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